What can I tell you about me?
                                For over 13 years I've been making jewelry, and about seven years ago I
                                stumbled across amazing lampwork glass beads for sale online made by
                                self-representing artists (SRA).  After I picked my jaw up off the floor I
                                grabbed my husband and made him look at the phenomenal little works
                                of art.  His response?  "You could do that."  That's all it took -- to get me
                                started, at least.

                                Hundreds of hours and pounds of glass later, I find my bliss in melting
                                glass.  With so many color choices and possible reactions, it's an art that
constantly challenges, surprises and delights me.  There's something mesmerizing about the torch
flame and watching the glass go from a solid to a liquid and back again while coaxing it into a specific
shape.  It's an endless quest of color, design and technique, and something that will never bore me.

Several days each week you'll find me in my studio playing.  My mantra for the past few years has
been "I just wanna melt glass!" and everything else seems to be a means to that end.  As for the
jewelry line you'll see on this site, it came out of necessity after a "happy accident" resulted in my
multi-hued bead design.  After nearly a year of testing, experimenting and fine tuning, what else
would I do with all these beads??  
ROC's Designs

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